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Causal inference 101
The Theory of Detailed Dynamics
        The Theory of Detailed Dynamics and the Combinatorial Explosion
        Verification for the Theory of Detailed Dynamics
        Historical Overview of Related Work
        The mechanics of embodiment
        A case study: The European Example
        An example of Image Recognition: Point Separation
        An example of high cognitive function: Euler equations.
        The Quest for Certainty
        Differential equations of Physics in the Theory of Detailed Dynamics.

Supporting Files
        The European Example: Original Java Code
        The European Example: Execution Trace
        The European Example: Causal Set for Level 1
        The European Example: Permutations for Level 1
        The European Example: Interpretation of Level 2
        The European Example: The Fractal Hierarchy
        The Point Separation Example: Point Coordinates
        The Point Separation Example: The Causal Set
        The Point Separation Example: Permutation
        The Movement

Project Plan
Core implementation

        Is Causal Inference a New Theory of Physics?
        How to Build an Intelligent Machine
        You won the Lottery, but your check is shredded.
        The brain as a physical system.
        Schrödinger's cat
        Maxwell's Demon

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References for causal sets
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