Who is Sergio Pissanetzky?    


Dr. Sergio Pissanetzky was educated at the renowned Balseiro Institute of Physics, on the shores of a remote glacier lake at the foothills of the Andes, SW of Argentina. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the National University of Cuyo, Argentina, in 1965. He worked as a research scientist and professor of Physics at the National Universities of Cuyo, Buenos Aires and Cordoba, all in Argentina, as Chairman of the Computer Center of the Atomic Energy Commission, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, and as a Scientific Consultant at Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York.

Later, he joined the Graduate School at the Department of Physics, Texas A&M University, as a professor of Physics, and the Houston Advanced Research Center as a research scientist, where he conducted research on the Superconducting Supercollider project, and on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). He was the founder of Magnus Software Corporation, where he focused on the development of scientific software for MRI and the High Energy Particle Accelerator industries. He served as a Member of the International Editorial Board of the International Journal for Computation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Dublin, Ireland, as a Member of the International Advisory Committee of the International Journal Mtodos Numricos para Clculo y Diseo en Ingeniera, Madrid, Spain, and as a member of the International Committee for Nuclear Resonance Spectroscopy, Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Pissanetzky holds several US and European patents and is the author of one book, three e-books, and many peer reviewed scientific papers. Dr. Pissanetzky retired and now lives in a quite suburban neighborhood in Texas, where he devotes most of his time to what he loves the most: scientific research.

How is your last name pronounced?
Here is the original spelling of my last name, from an Ukranian document: . When my parents immigrated to Argentina, which is where I was born, my last name was transliterated into Spanish as follows: PISSANETZKY