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I don't know very much about the anatomy or physiology of the brain, but I do know that the brain is a physical system, that it deals with information, and that it deals with energy and entropy. How it does all that, I don't know, but I do have some (physicist's) ideas about what it should do in order to carry its function. I didn't publish anything significant about my ideas, but a brief sketch can be found in Section 5.2 of my Complexity paper, and also in one of my NASA talks. Actually, the causal sets and the functional that made this entire effort possible, I found by observing the high function of my own brain. Only later, I carried the discovery to computers.

In particular, I am most interested in the information and entropy parts, both of which seem to be little understood in Neuroscience. I would be willing to consider a collaboration with Neuroscientists on these matters.